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Our Strength:

At Myvac, we believe in exploring our full potential by investing in the latest machinery. Among these are our new robotic arms that are widely used in our production process.

With our years of experience, Myvac has earned the trust of our clients who include international corporations in the audio-visual, telecommunication and healthcare industries. Working as a partner, we understand the needs of our clients and together come up with solutions that best reflect their commitment towards quality and innovation.

Keeping in step with technology has always been our policy. At present, we have several state-of-art plastic injection machines to meet today's demanding industry standards. With the right equiptment in place, we also need the right people to operate them. In this aspect, we have often stressed on upgrading the skills of our staff. Only by combining human ability with technology can we get the results that we want.


Our Clients:

In Myvac, we firmly believe in building long term business partnership with all our clients. With this in mind, we never compromise on the quality of our services, because our client's satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore we have been receiving strong support from our valued clients from various Multi-National-Companies.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Silkscreening
  • Product Design
  • Mold Making
  • Assembly
  • Research & Development
  • We can also provide Rubber Injection Molding services

Injection Machine Data

Tool Room

EDM Machine

Quality System

At Myvac, we practice an elaborate step-by-step procedure that starts from understanding the requirements of our customers to ensuring quality is met at every production process. In this way, we ensure that the final outcome totally reflects the needs of our customers

  • Customer Enquiry
  • Customer Review
  • Customer Order
  • Production Meeting (Scheduling)
  • Distribution of Drawing/Standard/Checklist(New Part)
  • Customer Supply Raw Material
  • Purchasing
  • Store
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Process Control Injection / Secondary Process
  • WIP Inspection
  • Packing
  • Final Inspection
  • Delivery


Quality Certification

Quality Control

CMM Checking

Video Measuring Checking

Assembly Line


Product Range - Injection Molding


Future Strategies

  • To Manufacture our very own World #1 Floating Vacuum Cleaner.
  • To Manufacture our Floating Vacuum Cleaner under our own Brand Name or Joint Coach.
  • To Market our Floating Vacuum Cleaner Worldwide.
  • To be an indispensable business partner providing innovative solutions in High-Precision Injection Moulding and Industrial Plastic Components.
  • We believe that:
    1) With tip-top quality by unique skill
    2) With reasonable price
    3) With shortest lead-time
    4) With fastest response against problems is the best services for our customers.