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The Unique Patented Technology

Traditional home vacuum cleaners come with 2 distinct designs, the Upright and the Canister. Upright is widely popular with homes with carpeted floors, and the canister is preferred in homes with both carpeted and bare floors. Some customers prefer the Upright as they are used to the motion of Pushing the vacuum cleaner versus the Pulling of the Canister vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, These two different types of vacuum cleaner are quite heavy to Push or Pull around.

Disadvantage of Upright and Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

- Heavy : The Weight of an Upright is 12kg and a canister vacuum cleaner weights up to 6kg.

- It may scratch your carpet or floor: Upright and canister vacuum cleaner uses wheels to move around; with the enormous weight it will scratch your lovely carpet, tiles or wooden floors.

We have invented and patented a unique technology; we called in "The AirFlow Revolutionary Technology". With "The AirFlow Revolutionary Technology" we were able to apply this a our vacuum cleaner, and the result is born of "The World's 1st Floating Vacuum Cleaner".





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